Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Want to Master Your Marketing? Know Your Audience

Marketing is all about knowing your audience. SEO, User Experience, SMM, Content Marketing—no matter what marketing technique you use, the more you know your audience, the more effectively you can engage them in your product or service and turning them into loyal customers. Now the question arises, how to know your audience, exactly? “Marketing Research”-Yes, the answer is detailed market research and complete study about the customer behavior.

We are presenting a step-by-step guide to know your audience.

Step No: 1 Market Research

The goal here is to get as many details as possible about the people you are targeting, which you can later use to create brand awareness and build personas. Create personas for your customer groups, including demographics such as age, gender, geographic region, education, profession and income, as well as psychographics such as dislikes likes, opinions and values, purchasing habits, interests and lifestyle.

Step No: 2 Talk To Your Sales Team

Sales persons are the best at knowing your customers.

Your salespeople and customer service agents deal with the customers every day, and they understand what the customer is actually looking for. Ask them questions to identify common customer problems, as well as what customers like, dislikes, want and need.

 Step No: 3 Regular Customer Surveys

With the simple tools such as Survey Gizmo or Survey Monkey, you can easily create a question bank with tons of questions designed for the quick customer analysis.  But, these tools no longer offer a free account, so to make use of them, you’ll need to sign up for a 14-day free trial.

 Step No: 4 Social Media

Nothing can be better than social media, it’s free and simple.

Use Social Media platforms strategically. Follow your targeted audience or existing customers to see what they are saying— to you and about you. Set up an alert to get the notifications when someone mentions your industry, brand and anything relevant to your business.  By doing this you can learn more about your customer’s priorities and needs.

# Step No 5. Talk to Your Customers

If possible, get to know your clients personally. What do they want to talk about? What are their concerns? What appeals to them or turns them off about the products or services you provide? How can you make their lives better? Etc. When your customer sees that you really understand their needs, you turn that relationship into a partnership that benefits both sides.

By knowing your customer, you can take your customer-vendor relationship to the next level.


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  2. In this competitive world, it's really important to know your audience. Its also help to expand your business effectively.

    1. Thanks Barry, I really appreciate your kind words.