Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is not a new topic, every one knows that how it use and help to grow up business. But if some one not familiar about pinterest and its use, then I think this post will help a lot. In this post I can tell you what is Pinterest and how it use personally and business purpose.

Pinterest is the collection of thinks, images, items, products and web links throughout the web. Here we find every kind of new or old products, images etc.

How we use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is the best platform for business. Business owner's can generates million for visitor form pinterest. I can tell you that how we get traffic from pinterest and promote our business. Firstly  create your business profile in pinterest with this link

Click on join button and fill the from and tell some thing about your business. After this conform your account and get start. Save your business interest and follow other business related to your business. Also bookmark the boomarklet button to your tool-bar. With the help of boomarklet, user can easily save these images or item on pinterest.

Saved products or pins in pinterest will be appeared just like on this image. Make sure your pins will be vertically long, with a good description, which honestly described your product, brand and image. If you promoting your websites products then, remember to link your Pins back to your website so Pinners know where to purchase them. When they discover your Pins while they’re looking for ideas, they can click through to buy the item from your website.

Tips to generates traffic form pinterest
  • Your profile should be very strong.
  • User Should be active.
  • Your website should be verified on pinterest.
  • Write unique description with you every pin.
  • When you create new board always select category.
  • 8:00 PM to 9:00 AM, best time to pin.
  • Make a rich friend circle on pinterest

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Friday, 2 August 2013

How to use delicious

Delicious - A popular social media bookmarking site having page rank - 8 and Alexa 1268, help to store your important links, stores and images. User can also get a strong back-link for their website. User can share their bookmarks among others as well as delicious allow you to browse bookmarks of other users. With the help of tagging user can tag other people and also search similar stories. Delicious give facility to both create multiple tags and tag sites with manifold keywords.

Today In this article I can tell you that how you can create Delicious account and how we use this. First up go to and click on create account and fill up the full from carefully. If you have Facebook or Twitter account then you can sign in with these help. But if haven't then click on create an account and fill up the from. As i show in the image. when click on Delicious to join Open your gmail id and and conform your identity. Now you may be log in your account. Go to setting button and complete your profile.

Delicious also give a facility of Bookmark-let button and we can easily installed it to our tool bar
Click on tools option and click on "add to Delicious" and bookmark this as I show you in image.

To adding your favourite website link or blog click to your bookmark tool bar option and click on "add to Delicious" options and bookmarks easy.

And now goes to your favorite website and blog and goes to bookmark bar and click on bookmark add to delicious.and save your links easily. 

Follow you friends and other on delicious Post links, images to delicious.

Tips to use Delicious

1) Tagging
2) Bookmarks web links, articles to read.
3) Bundle your tags
4) Publish Your delicious bookmarks on Your blog 

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to Create a Facebook Fan page with out profile

Its a not a new topic, All of you familiar that how to create a facebook fan page. But some of them not know that how to create a facebook fan page without create the profile (Without Any personal profile)

Today in this post we are discussing that how one can create facebook fan page with out creating the profile.

First of all write the address on you address bar then facebook login screan will be open goes to the option that i show you in photo

After click on create a page option and new page will be open that is show in the image given below

As I can tell you and you see in the image these type of option you see in your browser. Then select on of the option in all that you like for example business, company, entertainment etc.

Lets you choose the entertainment option, then next step is choose that what kind of entertainment you provide means choose the suitable category for your fan page. After choosing the right category as show in the image (song) choose the category that you wants. Then the main step is name of your fan page.
Name of your facebook page is very important step because it show all about your page (ie cufflinks, Online shopping etc.)

After all this click on Get started button and next page will be open as show on next image.

You see two option as show in the image - Log in with my facebook account and Create a new business page. Select create a new business page.  At next and form will be open fill up this form carefully as i fill this in the image as show below. After filling the form click on sign up button and confirm you email address. After filling the form click on sign up button and confirm you email address. Once you confirm form your mail id you page will be created easily. Now regularly update your theme and get like from your friends.

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