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Tuesday, 3 December 2019 Vs Which Is The Best Blog Platform

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging and web hosting platforms. It is free and open source and gives you to build a website, design, and layout of your choice. Users can make modifications to the code and customize the design as per their requirement and taste with this platform.

There is a vast difference between and, provides a downloadable web hosting package that lets you customize the code and maintain the site tweaking its technical aspects.

Difference between and Wordpress.Org

When you want to host a blog with a Domain name and want Wordpress to handle most of the web hosting tasks you choose When you want complete control over web hosting and Cpanel, you choose

Choosing either of the hosting sites is an individual choice. With you get a self-hosting package and complete access to all the site files. You can make changes and get domain and FTP access to your website.

Users who want quick access only to publish their content under the domain name and let Wordpress take care of the site files and other technical aspects of web hosting can choose You do not need coding expertise or knowledge about server side programming when you choose

Both of these hosting sites offer multiple plans you can choose from. Students, artists, bloggers who only want to use the CMS part of the blog and hosting can pick the The options with Wordpress.Org are more customizable compared to the latter.

Users get a site with an extension of .Com when with a professional URL. With a installing plugins and other services is not possible unless you opt for a paid account. is versatile and comes with many customizable options that make hosting and web development easy.

It is recommended for beginners as well as experienced users to choose as hosting as it gives better control and comes with a host of flexible options.

Difference between features available in these hosting sites
  • Uploading And Activating Themes

You can only choose from free and paid themes in hosting site. If you have a site which is a self-hosting package, you can upload themes, and customize from a list of free themes available for users. All the themes, free and paid are fully customizable in the Wordpress.Org hosting package which gives the user complete control over installation, upgrade, hosting, and site building services.

  • Plugin installation

The comes with pre-installed plugins which are easy to activate and use. These plugins increase your social media presence and make sharing of your posts easy on these platforms. The Wordpress.Org also has free plugins which have specific features. They are easy to install and give you the flexibility of using them for specific purposes such as creating contact forms, adding a gallery, building an ecommerce store, etc.
  • Domain Name Selection

Users who want Wordpress to take care of the technical issues can choose the as the hosting platform. Experienced users who want to make changes and modify domain names can choose Wordpress.Org. Each of these platforms come with a host of features depending on the package you choose.
  • Subdomains

You can create a subdomain for every domain you host when you choose Wordpress.Org which is not the case with There are a few disadvantages to using platform. You will not be able to remove Wordpress ads in the basic hosting plan. Also, unless you upgrade your package to premium plan you cannot install plugins or monetize your site.
  • Costing and Site Monetization

Users who want to monetize their site must choose as the hosting package as it is cost-effective and fully functional compared to the There are many hosting options available that support Wordpress blogs such as Bluehost. Choose if you only want to publish content and do not want to take care of the technical aspects of the site maintenance.

Final Word

There are umpteen web hosting packages available. If you have to choose Wordpress as your hosting site you must first know the difference so you can choose one based on how you want to use it. This article will let you know the difference between the two hosting platforms so you know which suits you best.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Top 8 SEO Plugins For WordPress Website

Search Engine Optimization can help your website to get rank on top of the major search engines if done properly. WordPress is always the first choice when it comes to creating blog or website- one of the easy to use platforms. So, if you own a WordPress blog and looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin, here is the list of best SEO plugins for WordPress website.

Here is the list of best 8 SEO plugins for WordPress website.

  • Yoast WordPress SEO: Rating (4.8/5) Yoast SEO comes with the plenty of benefits from better content creation to optimization. With the help of Yoast plugin, one can optimize page’s SEO title, meta description, keywords, alt tags, sitemap and breadcrumbs, canonical URLs and much more. This SEO plugin also has an integrated feature like presenting the preview of data you write in it. So there should not be any problems with using this plugin as it can be translated into 23 languages. Yoast Premium pack also available $69 (one website) with extra features such as Internal linking suggestions, Redirect manager, 24/7 premium support, no ads and videos tutorial of the entire plugin.
  • All in One SEO Pack: Rating (4.5/5) All in One SEO Pack release in 2007, one of the best SEO Plugin after Yoast. The basic All in One SEO Pack is available for free. But user also tries pro version of this pack. The cost of pro version is $79 per year. By subscribing pro version user get some extra features such as eCommerce SEO, 1 year of professional support, video sitemaps etc. Overall, All in One SEO Pack is very easy to use and best for beginners.
  • SEO Redirection Plugin: Rating (4.6/5) SEO Redirection Plugin help the user to manage 301 redirections and to track of 404 errors so that user fix those errors. This plugin also stores all redirects on your website in a table which is stored in your WordPress database. Premium version of SEO Redirection is also available i.e. Regular license (1 site) $29 and Extended (Unlimited sites) $69.
  • Google XML Sitemaps: Rating (4.9/5) One of the best plugins to generate sitemaps on your WordPress blog/site. Whenever you publish a post, this plugin updates the XML sitemap. It lets you change the post/page priorities and sitemap content through the configuration screen itself. Also, this plugin is free for everyone both personal and commercial blog/sites.
  • Broken Link checker: Rating (4.2/5) As the name says broken link checker, this plugin helps in finding and fixing all internal and external broken links and missing images. The broken links issue can be major or minor, but it’s very important to fix them. The Broken Link Checker plugin one of the powerful and very simple to use tool help your blog to enhance performance on a search engine. With more than 400,000 active installs and a high rating, it’s worth checking out.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) Rating (4.5/5) Google Analytics plugin helps users to track their website visitor using latest Google Analytics tracking code. Also, it is completely free of cost. The user can track real time number of visitors on website, channels & sources details.
  • Mobile Friendly Plugin WPtouch: Rating (4.5/5) You might think that it doesn’t matter to you, and if your site visitors primarily visit from the desktop, you might be right – for now. But mobile usage has risen hugely in recent years around 75% of users visit your website through their mobile phones. Yes, that’s true. Optimizing your website for mobile phones can bring a lot of potential traffic to your website. It’s a must-have SEO plugin! Wptouch mobile plugin one of the best plugin automatically add a mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress site. User can also customize their site mobile appearance using this plugin.
  • SEO Friendly Images: Rating (3.1/5) It’s one of the most downloaded and best plugins to create SEO friendly images. It allows you to add Alt tag to images based on the settings you provide in the configuration page. By using this free plugin you can easily add the target keyword in the alt tag of an image. It optimizes your blog images which mean you can optimize the posts, pages and alt texts altogether.
These are some of the must-have SEO plugins for WordPress websites. These WordPress SEO plugins will help you to aid the process of Search Engine Optimization on your website/blog.

Do let us know in the comments below about your favorite SEO plugin.