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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Know How Shopify Experts Can Make Your Business Grow

From the data recorded from 2015, the International telecommunication union (ITU) has stated that nearly 43% of the world population uses the internet. And from the latest data recorded in 2018, the percentage has gradually increased to 55.1% stated by internet world stats. The increasing internet access and usage indicate why every business needs to be visible on the digital platform and have an efficient Shopify website available for online customers. New York, the hub for economic, commercial, and cultural diversity, has plenty of Shopify experts. These Web developers can help your business to stand out in the internet world. Here we are discussing some features that explain how a Shopify website expert can boost your company’s growth and ROI?

What web developers do?

The Web builder, as the name itself, suggests the web developer helps to build an efficient and responsive web site. They can assist in providing customized features and programs that will make your business website unique and noticeable. The Shopify experts help you work on the appearance of your website and its page and technical aspects like mobile-friendly optimization, SMO, SEO, and much more. Square Space, Word press, or Shopify website design, content, and maintenance hosting are some examples of jobs handled by web developers.

What features matter the most for an attractive website:

Highly performing site: The site performance should be exceptional and efficient. The website pages, content, and design should be pleasing, entertaining, and informative so that you can receive a visit from the potential customers.

Quick response: The site must be well maintained and must not be fussy. It should instantly open to respond to visitors' click. The responsive website provides the desired comfort and ease to the customer to keep them engaged; on the contrary, a late responding site can turn your potential customers away, annoy them and leave a negative impact on your business.

SEO optimized: SEO optimization is essential to keep your company visible on the top searches of the internet. If your site is available on the first page of Google, you have more chances to have high traffic and increased conversion rate.

Thus, Shopify experts help you to grow your business online successfully.

Author Bio

Peter Dong is a Shopify expert in NYC and the CEO of the company HYA Media. Peter has years of experience in providing web design/development for startups, entrepreneurs, and other E-commerce businesses.

Friday, 15 March 2019

3 Convincing Reasons to take Help of Digital Agency

Web Design Full SEO EducationIt is true that these days, behind every successful company there is a role of the digital agency.  It is important that you make your online presence powerful, effective and influential. You have to be careful about how you sound and look in the industry. It might interest you that most of the people to draw an idea about a company or business through their online presence.

Take Professional Help

One thing that you have to underline here is you should take professional help. You cannot maintain and manage your online presence and platforms unless you have full-time professionals to take care of it. If you feel that your staff members would take care of it then that would be a big flop for you. It is better you take help of professionals like Digital agency and experts who give all their time and efforts to your organization. There are some reasons that you should consider professionals and these are like:
  • Access the Needed Skills
To build an in-house team to manage the entirety of your digital marketing tasks and efforts is a challenge for many businesses.  The skills your business needs are either tough to come by or too pricey. Adding to this, it would not be financially feasible to recruit someone for a full or even part-time placement in case you don't really need their skills continually and consistently. Of course, the campaigns that you run will modify at diverse times of the year.  Here what you can do is you can outsource your digital marketing tasks.  These digital agencies have a core team of professionals, technicians, and designers who get you the best for your digital presence.
  • Deadlines are Met with Ease
Once you have a solid marketing strategy in place, your company cannot afford to have any pinch of failure that might emerge with an in-house team.  You know a typical agency is going to have multiple redundancies in place. No matter that is multi-person teams doing work on your campaigns, automation solutions, and software or versatile staff members that can support each other, these fellows are in a position to give more certainty that campaigns and objectives get delivered on time. Of course, if you are a business and you fail to meet a deadline; that would tarnish your reputation. 
  • Get Fresh Perspectives
It is apparent that an in-house team is integrally limited in the experiences that they possess. These guys are in somewhat of an echoing space, exposed to the products and industry that you are trying to endorse and the methods used to promote them. However, professional firms do work with a huge variety of industries, business types and of course marketing specialists. These professionals get to learn about and design successful, innovative marketing methods and apply them to diverse sectors of the business community.

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Moreover, the employees these agencies have are also needed to meet constant professional development needs. These agencies make sure that their employees, developers, and designers are in touch and updated with the latest trends. Moreover, you are in a position to tap into this insight and expertise in a tremendously effective and targeted way once you partner with a professional Digital agency development.

So, if you want to soar in your industry then you have to make the most of digital space. You have to take steps that are crucial for your business and the foremost step should be to have a word with a professional and innovative digital agency.

About the Author

Ryan Rambajohn is a hands-on marketing professional experienced at launching new business initiatives and developing online marketing programs. He is the founder of Reach Above Media offer Web Design New York including SEO and Mobile App development.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tips For Growing Your Web Design Business

Trends come and go. Web design just like fashion is changeable and is always changing with new trends replacing the old ones. If you want to create a website, which would be looking professionally, you should always keep up to the latest trends. Just like meeting a new person, it is highly important to make good first impression. So the visitors of your website had a good impression about your website, here are a few important tips on web design.

Be Simple and Accurate
The world is littered up enough and internet is not an exception. Advertisement, banners, icons, popping up windows, and many more sometimes it is too much. Why not to give the visitors some rest. Use flat design and empty space. You may have a significant influence on visitors using your website. Try to do everything simple and minimalistic enough marking the most important content only. At times the less, the better.

Follow the Trends in Web Design
If you read this article, you are on the right track already. You can move along and look for websites with specific purposes namely in order to understand what you like and what you do not like at all. Make notes in your head or on the paper concerning what you want to use on your website. Do you think that long scrolling may answer your website`s needs? Or maybe you like the design of Contact Page on someone`s site. It might be something not that significant like a button icon. Whatever you like on other web resources, think how you can use it in your design.

Remember of Visual Hierarchy
If you do not remember what it is, it is a term describing the way your eye moves along a page. The way, which is going to draw attention to important content on the website. For example, if you want to add a Subscribe button, you should place it in the foreground so as many users as possible could click on it. In accordance with visual hierarchy, our eyes move from up to down and from left to right. It means that major amount of people will fix their eyes on a button placed in the top-left corner of your website, and it may lead to the bigger amount of clicks. Remember that the most important content should be placed in this enviable place. When this happens, it is important not to go over the top. If you place too much information here, you will not get a result you were striving for.

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Make it Readable
Text information plays a great role on the website. It gives a necessary information and answers the questions before they were asked. This is why it is important for visitors to be able to read what is placed on your website easily. There are a few rules, which are going to help you with making your content readable.
  • Use Matching Colors: For example, do not use shift of crème color on the white background. It may cause a headache or make one stop reading at all. Applying a new color scheme, check twice how readable your text is
  • Do not use Small Shrift: It might look nice but it is not practical. Users should not strain their eyes in order to see what you have written. ]
  • Follow the chosen Shrifts: Draw up a certain style where 2-3 shifts would be used. If you want to reach perfection, use shrifts, which are easy to read, so your content did not look like a Chinese puzzle. 
  • Use Mobile Version to the Maximum: What is the point in the professionally looking website if its mobile version does not look professional? No point at all. There is no need to worry though. There is a mobile website editor intuitively understandable in Wix designer. You do not want to lose visitors/users/potential customers after all because they turned out to be visiting your website while being in a nasty traffic jam.
After all the paragraphs are done, go from an editor to the preview mode, in order to see all the changes in action. 

About the Author

Melisa Marzett is excellent at writing. Her works are available for viewing at Big Paper Writer - Custom Writing Companies. if you are curious by nature. Melisa is very curious; she is fond of reading and writing. This is why her pieces come out beautifully. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

6 Noteworthy Reasons to Outsource Web Development

Are you in a dilemma whether to outsource web development or get your in-house team (if you have one) to work on your website? Given the amount of appreciation and criticism you hear of this web development model your concerns aren’t unfounded. But the fact remains, outsourcing is the preferred choice for most businesses when it comes to getting a website developed and it isn’t only about the cost advantage. Here we take a look at six noteworthy reasons for you to outsource web development project to a reputable agency.

  • Domain Knowledge – There are dozens of tools and frameworks used to create and manage websites. Not all are made the same and there are some that would offer you more advantage over others. With their superior domain knowledge these agencies help you choose the right platform and get maximum advantage out of it.
  • Diverse Engagement Models – These agencies offer you a wide range of engagement models to suit your needs. Whether you need a MVP (minimum viable product) or looking for modular development of the site, you can hire them just the way you want. 
  • Keeping Pace With Trends - Web development technology undergoes constant churn where keeping pace with the change is a demanding task. Your tech team isn’t likely to always stay updated with the change. A professional agency keeps track of emerging trend and applies the same to your project.
  • Quicker Turnaround Time – Given the kind of expertise that an offshore web development agency brings to the table they are able to considerably reduce the turnaround time. They can assign a large team to work on your big web development project and meet your tight schedules easily something that your in-house team may not be able to do. 
  • Comprehensive Support – Support and maintenance for the website is as important as in the case of an automobile. With a good agency as your partner you are assured of comprehensive support and maintenance services. 
  • More Than A Website – It doesn’t end with developing and hosting your website. To create strong digital presence you will need to market your website. You will need to adopt strategies such as search engine optimization, paid search marketing and social media marketing etc. which these agencies can provide you under a single roof. 

It is important that you are cautious while choosing a web development agency for your project. There are tens of thousands of agencies it becomes important to find one that comes with proven track record and has the skills and experience to meet your needs. 


In this article we take a look at six noteworthy reasons you should outsource web development and why the advantage goes beyond cost. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Things You Shouldn't Ignore While Choosing Ecommerce Web Designing Company

Are you looking to hire an e-commerce web designing company? The task you have on your hand isn’t the easiest one. Google about such service providers and you will come across thousands. How do you shortlist a few companies for further negotiations before zeroing on a partner who is expected to give shape to your dream? The way out is to focus on a few traits and qualities that will help you narrow down your selection. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing an e-commerce designing company.

Domain Expertise

E-commerce development is a broad term and there are dozens of tools and frameworks that are used in developing online stores. For instance, your WordPress site can be used to sell products and services with a relevant plugin while for the out-and-out online store, platforms like Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce etc. are most preferred by clients. If you have a specific domain in your mind for your online store you must make sure the agency you are looking at has expertise in the domain. 

Problem Solving Approach

E-commerce isn’t merely about selling goods/services online. It is about addressing the core problems of a business such as how do you reach out to your audience? How do you target specific customers? How do you overcome language barrier? How to run a store across geographies? The company you hire should bring in problem-solving approach and offer solutions to your problems. Avoid companies that work with a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. 

Application of Technology

It is one thing to possess technical knowledge and quite another to apply it seamlessly in a project. This is where you must take note of the e-commerce web designing company’s portfolio or ask them to share links to projects they have executed in the past. If you are impressed with their work you can go ahead and start negotiations if not there are better agencies waiting for you. 


 E-commerce web development is a process rather than a project where the website will constantly be developed and has to be protected against security vulnerabilities. A reputable e-commerce web designing company will always market Support and Maintenance as one of its greatest USPs. As for companies that don’t, you can simply say, Thanks, but no Thanks and look elsewhere. 

When you keep these four things in mind you will be able to find the right partners for your e-commerce web development project and taste immense success. 


In this post, we take a look at some of the things that you cannot afford to ignore when it comes to hiring an eCommerce Web Development Company.