Wednesday 17 January 2018

Tips For Growing Your Web Design Business

Trends come and go. Web design just like fashion is changeable and is always changing with new trends replacing the old ones. If you want to create a website, which would be looking professionally, you should always keep up to the latest trends. Just like meeting a new person, it is highly important to make good first impression. So the visitors of your website had a good impression about your website, here are a few important tips on web design.

Be Simple and Accurate
The world is littered up enough and internet is not an exception. Advertisement, banners, icons, popping up windows, and many more sometimes it is too much. Why not to give the visitors some rest. Use flat design and empty space. You may have a significant influence on visitors using your website. Try to do everything simple and minimalistic enough marking the most important content only. At times the less, the better.

Follow the Trends in Web Design
If you read this article, you are on the right track already. You can move along and look for websites with specific purposes namely in order to understand what you like and what you do not like at all. Make notes in your head or on the paper concerning what you want to use on your website. Do you think that long scrolling may answer your website`s needs? Or maybe you like the design of Contact Page on someone`s site. It might be something not that significant like a button icon. Whatever you like on other web resources, think how you can use it in your design.

Remember of Visual Hierarchy
If you do not remember what it is, it is a term describing the way your eye moves along a page. The way, which is going to draw attention to important content on the website. For example, if you want to add a Subscribe button, you should place it in the foreground so as many users as possible could click on it. In accordance with visual hierarchy, our eyes move from up to down and from left to right. It means that major amount of people will fix their eyes on a button placed in the top-left corner of your website, and it may lead to the bigger amount of clicks. Remember that the most important content should be placed in this enviable place. When this happens, it is important not to go over the top. If you place too much information here, you will not get a result you were striving for.

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Make it Readable
Text information plays a great role on the website. It gives a necessary information and answers the questions before they were asked. This is why it is important for visitors to be able to read what is placed on your website easily. There are a few rules, which are going to help you with making your content readable.
  • Use Matching Colors: For example, do not use shift of crème color on the white background. It may cause a headache or make one stop reading at all. Applying a new color scheme, check twice how readable your text is
  • Do not use Small Shrift: It might look nice but it is not practical. Users should not strain their eyes in order to see what you have written. ]
  • Follow the chosen Shrifts: Draw up a certain style where 2-3 shifts would be used. If you want to reach perfection, use shrifts, which are easy to read, so your content did not look like a Chinese puzzle. 
  • Use Mobile Version to the Maximum: What is the point in the professionally looking website if its mobile version does not look professional? No point at all. There is no need to worry though. There is a mobile website editor intuitively understandable in Wix designer. You do not want to lose visitors/users/potential customers after all because they turned out to be visiting your website while being in a nasty traffic jam.
After all the paragraphs are done, go from an editor to the preview mode, in order to see all the changes in action. 

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