Friday, 2 August 2013

How to use delicious

Delicious - A popular social media bookmarking site having page rank - 8 and Alexa 1268, help to store your important links, stores and images. User can also get a strong back-link for their website. User can share their bookmarks among others as well as delicious allow you to browse bookmarks of other users. With the help of tagging user can tag other people and also search similar stories. Delicious give facility to both create multiple tags and tag sites with manifold keywords.

Today In this article I can tell you that how you can create Delicious account and how we use this. First up go to and click on create account and fill up the full from carefully. If you have Facebook or Twitter account then you can sign in with these help. But if haven't then click on create an account and fill up the from. As i show in the image. when click on Delicious to join Open your gmail id and and conform your identity. Now you may be log in your account. Go to setting button and complete your profile.

Delicious also give a facility of Bookmark-let button and we can easily installed it to our tool bar
Click on tools option and click on "add to Delicious" and bookmark this as I show you in image.

To adding your favourite website link or blog click to your bookmark tool bar option and click on "add to Delicious" options and bookmarks easy.

And now goes to your favorite website and blog and goes to bookmark bar and click on bookmark add to delicious.and save your links easily. 

Follow you friends and other on delicious Post links, images to delicious.

Tips to use Delicious

1) Tagging
2) Bookmarks web links, articles to read.
3) Bundle your tags
4) Publish Your delicious bookmarks on Your blog 

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