Tuesday 9 May 2017

Facebook Marketing Strategy and Remarketing Ideas

If you are new to Facebook marketing or your current  Facebook marketing or Remarketing strategies are not working, you are at the right. We have a  collection of tips and pointers to rule over Facebook advertising and marketing.  Every website has different types of consumers and  you need to  segment them properly in order to benefit your Facebook marketing strategy.

We’ll start off with the basic strategies of Facebook Marketing and Remarketing ideas:

1. Create Posts At Non-Peak Times

Whenever someone visits Facebook, there can be 1,000 potential stories on an average to see from the people they are friends with or from liked or followed Pages. A majority of these posts are published during the day the times between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET.

A Facebook strategy to beat the noise is to Post at non-peak times. 

•    7:00 a.m.
•    11:00 p.m.

2.    Post repeatedly– five to six times a day

With the increase in Facebook postings chances of increase in total clicks and engagement also escalate. A greater volume of updates, even if those updates hold steady with engagement, will lead to more total interactions via simple addition. More posts equate to more of everything.

3.    Target Audience Wisely

Targeting potential customers is the rule that works for all the forms of advertising: Make strategy and try to reach people who are interested in your product or service.

Then tell your story.

4.    Optimize Your Facebook Ads

You can spend a lot of time changing, tweaking and testing your ads and often this is time well spent.
 But, there are some basic guidelines that are good to follow.
•    Use of proper grammar and punctuation
•    Share images, videos or Gif’s to make it more interesting
•    Call –to-action always works
•    Talk about facts

•    Capitalize all letters or have all in lower case
•    Use too generic photos.

5.     Lastly, it’s all about conversions

Like any other kind of marketing, advertising, Facebook Ads should also be measured with ROI. Because you need results from each individual ad. Facebook will not show what ad generated what sale.
The solution for this is to work with a conversion tracking service that tracks every unique ad you create and register every sale.

We have delivered a healthy dose of effective Facebook marketing and advertising. Hope these ideas will work for you.
Stay Ahead In the Marketing world!


  1. Facebook is a great community center providing a face to biggest names. The difficulty for most business owner lies in how to take that momentum and convert it into purchasing power. Think of Facebook as the initial step in your buying cycle. The final goal is to convert fans to customers. But for that first, you need to build trust and identify leads. Although, thanks for sharing a great article with us. Appreciated!!

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