Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mental Calculation: Make Your Kids Bright With Strong Base on Mathematics

Mathematics is an important subject in schools and colleges. Some students are very good in calculations. They have either inherited it from their ancestors or had utilized their brain while
solving arithmetic sums. But, mathematics teachers mostly find students getting very poor marks on this subject. Most of them have claimed about fear for mathematics. It is because the teachers teach the subject in a very rigid way. They have the primitive style of teaching which involves lots of lengthy calculations and formula. Students dislike the technique and develop the fear of mathematics. Today, the style of teaching Math is totally changed. Mental math is a way to make the mathematics base of students very strong.

Mental calculation

You can now calculate the result of a problem mentally. Most of the students need a pen and a paper. It is because they never did mental calculation math. In present days teaching method, the teacher will teach a student about calculating the mathematics in their mind. This is the way of learning sums without the use of tools and accessories. You cannot use a pen, pencil, and paper. This is done entirely within your mind. The arithmetic can be solved mentally. Students get interested in solving problems in their mind. Teacher organizes a quiz session with many participants within the class. This attempt boosts each student as their mind become competitive.

Work of a Math Trainer

This is the world of internet. There are various apps and digital ways to solve your math fear. You can get online mathematics tools for help. One of the calculation tools available online is called the Math trainer. If you have fear of math, this will be the best way to solve. The online tool can give you answer any type of question-related to arithmetic. You can easily add, subtract, multiply and divide. But, while taking the help of tools, you will totally forget your mathematics. Thus, it is always better to practice mathematics by yourself. Do it mentally by using your brain.

Access to Math App

The age of smart phone and gadgets could not stop children handing the Android smart phones. They can easily install the wide range of apps according to their wish. They use such phones for online games. Math app is something you can get in your play store. The apple users can also get this benefit. All you have to do is open the play store or the apple store and choose the appropriate math app you require. Then press the install button. It will start installing. The smart phone will also show you the percentage of installation completed. You have to wait till the installation is complete. An icon of the particular app will be shown on your mobile screen. Whenever you have to have an access to the app, you must click that icon.

Mental Math is the best way of making your mind sharp. If you have school going kids at home, you must make them practice mental calculation. They will get a sharp mind towards mathematics.


  1. Math Tests are really very great idea to make kids mind sharp and strong base on mathematics. It also help to improve kids IQ score. I am the regular reader of your articles. Thanks you.