Friday, 13 October 2017

The #SocialMedia Reputation

Online Reputation ManagementA lot of us wonder, how difficult can it be! After all, it's just about maintaining couple of social media accounts, through a social media aggregation tool and we're done!

Sounds easy? Photos, creative stacks, and inspirational messages. Not really. There's a whole online maze that needs a hunter on the vigil. 

Online reputations are made over years and can be broken in matter of seconds. I've had the opportunity of meeting many enterprising women and men, who have excelled in Online Reputation Management (ORM) for their organizations, and they say with their arms held up high in the air, 'It's a rat race, out there.' 

Managing disgruntled employees, prospective employees, unsatisfied ex-employees who plan to open a can of worms, combined with campaigns to maintain and create excitement, aren't supposedly the easiest thing on the planet. 

Strategies are in place, to keep a check on what goes online, what is shareable and what needs approvals from all stakeholders. Note here; even the approval process takes longer than ever, and sometimes, one wonders why she/he started the campaign in the first place. 

Yet, truth be told, there is so much to be done, so much to be explored on social media, thanks to so many tools, and processes, that are created to make the experience on social channels, scot-free

Along with ORM, which generally includes Social Media Strategy and templates messages to master upon nasty messages, the best part is one gets to see is the creativity of people at the workplace. It's going from one step to another and just creaming the best, out of people, who use the platform to dream big! 

Maintaining a reputation is a tasking challenge, yet gives the onus to people, who serve to protect. It's a matter pride and privy, and always brings the best out of the right person, selected for the job.

Let reputations lay in the hands of the person that feels and connects with it, the most! 
#Impressions4theRightReputation by @harryrockerz


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