Tuesday 19 December 2017

Mobile App Development Trends That is Likely to Emerge in the Year 2018

This year was quite phenomenal for the mobile app development. There are many businesses which have realised that mobile app is not just an option today but it is a necessity. The mobile applications can be utilized by the businesses for increasing the usability, meeting the ever increasing demands of the consumers and at the same time for creating the brand awareness and boosting sales. With around 250 billion of the free mobile apps downloaded in the year 2017, this increase in the number of downloads is likely to continue the same way for many years to come.

Let’s check out some of the mobile app development trends that are likely to emerge in the year 2018.

On Demand Mobile Applications

These on demand mobile applications have actually gained a lot of popularity these days .In fact they have simplified the lives of the consumers to a much greater extend .By utilizing these apps, consumers can easily check out the availability of the services in their area, make reservations and thus they can save a lot of their time and efforts.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Mobile Apps

The Augmented Reality as well as the virtual reality has affected the world of the gaming and entertainment to a much greater extend. The demand of the businesses for this technology has witnessed a huge leap over the past few years. The main reason behind the growing popularity of this technology is its high end ability to provide the virtual experience to all the consumers that result in enhanced user experience.

Mobile Payments

Since the mobile security is getting quite harder to crack with time, more and more people are now entrusting their mobile phones to gain access to their banking details. The artificial intelligence is also making it quite easy for the consumers to manage their money. Some of the mobile apps like the Plum as well as the Pleo are facilitating the users to take a full control of their money and find ways to save it.

Cloud driven mobile apps

Recent research has suggested that the cloud based mobile applications are going to drive around 90% of the overall mobile traffic by the end of the year 2019. Business today have realised the importance of the cloud based mobile services and many of the mobile apps will continue to get hosted on the cloud itself. These apps provide a more secure and efficient platform to the companies for doing business.

Android instant mobile apps

Although android apps are more a kind of the native apps that just work like website but they have the capability to attract more and more consumers due to the ease of their usage .Another good thing about these apps is they can be accessed from anywhere as there is no need to install these applications in the smart phones.

It is essential for the mobile app developers to keep a close watch on the latest mobile app development trends to accelerate the growth of this industry

It is crucial for all the mobile app developers to understand fully the future growth trends of the mobile application development industry. Since this industry is in its prime stage and therefore it is most essential for the mobile app developers to keep a close watch on the latest mobile app development trends and also the demands of consumers to accelerate the growth of the industry. This industry is in fact one of the most actively growing sector of the IT industry.

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