Wednesday 4 July 2018

SEO in 2018, Which Practices You Should Avoid and Why.

SEO is a never-ending race and marketers and bloggers know that. In order to achieve success in the SEO world, it's important to stay updated on Google's changes, impact and new avenues, therefore, these are some important pieces of advice on which practices you should avoid while optimising your content online.

Link Building: Avoid Forum Posts

John Mueller posted this after someone asked if Reddit comments are dofollow. The guy wrote: “I recently commented on another thread regarding this, and I just did a double-take and Reddit comments indeed appear to not have the "nofollow"-relation? So are Reddit comments then essentially dofollow and SEO-worthy? How do they work?”
John Mueller’s response: “How does link spam with forum comments work? Very badly"

Keyword Research vs Search Volumes

Search volumes are the key to understand how your blogs and your content could impact your impressions. In order to do that, you must know the fact that targeting low search volumes could be a great avenue, especially if your content is very niche related and with an overall small following online. A solid example would be related to very high-level tech companies providing specialized tools for websites/warehouses and such. Given the number of search volumes, finding the right keyword could drastically boost your traffic, even if it has low searches.

Mobile Is The Focus

Many mobile app development companies are relying on backline optimisation for their website. Why? Because the internet is fully mobile dominated at the moment, which is why Google is now indexing mobile websites. By having an optimised mobile version of your landing page, your conversion rates and impressions will be drastically increased. This has to be done either from a technical point of view and from a content one.

Link Building Meters, Why Trust Flow Is The Essential One

By browsing websites with Majestic, it's pretty simple to see which are the ones who are organically ranking on Google for topical trust flow. This meter is still the best tool you must check before approaching a website for link building. Once you decided which trust flow would fit your website, act accordingly and try not to break it.

To Conclude 

By avoiding forum posts and by improving already existing strategies, SEO in this second half of 2018 will be an easy task for you and it's proven by stats that these ones are the absolute best approaches you can have within the craft.

Author Bio

Paul Matthews is a freelance writer in Manchester. His aim is to inform people about the power of the internet, while he still focuses on his office. You can often find him mountain biking or at the local library.