Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Content Aggregation and Everything Else You Need to Know About it


Presently, Content is the most commonly available element on the internet as everything uploaded on the digital platforms is content. It is just in different forms, be it images, videos, texts, gifs or infographics.

In the digital sphere, Consumers mainly concerned with either social media or eCommerce platforms where they are accessing and sharing their sentiment-driven content or indulged in commercial activities.

Contrary to that, Businesses have a responsibility to generate, curate and deliver premium quality content to the audience to attract and engage with them and amplify conversions.
But the issue is that even with this infinite content quantity, businesses are unable to filter the quality and valuable content that is beneficial for us.

Here comes the role of Content Aggregation

At this time of trouble for a business, the Content aggregation has emerged as a genie from the lamp.

Content Aggregation - The Definition.

Content aggregation is predominantly about garnering the content from digital sources on a pre-specified relevant topic. It is a combination of discovering, curating, classifying, arranging and publishing content. 

Businesses have experienced the issues of low engagement, and diminishing conversion rate as the firm-generated promotional content isn’t performing as expected. 

Content aggregation is where the content aggregators accumulate quality and valuable user-generated content (UGC) primarily with the high informational and entertainment value from social media platforms to deliver it to the audience. 

But what are Content aggregators?

The Content Aggregators

Content aggregator is the tool that gathers customized, treasurous and engaging user-generated content from defined platforms mainly social media. 

Different businesses have different content aggregation tools for collecting, moderating, designing and personalizing content for their digital marketing activities. 

There are various content aggregator tools (or social media aggregator tools) available in the market offering vast ingredients to make it easier and suitable for your business. 

The need for Content Aggregation

Everything has become fast-paced in the digital domain, and consumers are not willing to make out of line efforts to gather information or knowledge besides their own interests.

And firm-generated content does not have a better engagement magnitude compared to user-generated content and influencer’s content.

But one positive aspect is that consumers are definitely talking about your area of business, its products and offerings. And content aggregation gives you the opportunity to make these users your brand representatives and harness their content as your promotional content. 

In the eyes of the audience, this user-generated content is way more reliable, authentic and realistic than the content that you would have produced to advertise your products and services. 
There are diverse benefits of content aggregation for your business, and we have listed a few below. 

  • Efficient Yet Effective

Content aggregators are identifying, classifying and collecting and displaying your content all together, which saves you the cost of labor which would have taken a lot of time to research and gather similar content.

Content aggregators basically do the work with more quality and less time consumption and are way less costly than human labor. Therefore, it escalates the efficiency and effectiveness making it the most suitable option for the businesses

  • Personalized Moderated Content 

Content aggregators have a variety of customization for harnessing and representation of the content.
So, you can moderate the content according to your agenda and objectives like content from specific hashtags, handles, and keywords, omission or inclusion of some geographical regions, competitors content or any exclusion of inappropriate content that could lead to negative results for the business.
Personalization is an essential trait as consumers nowadays are only interested in viewing content that suits their needs, requirements, and interest. 

Besides that, as a business, personalization helps you keep your promotion precise, transparent and easily understandable. Also, you can make your content visually appealing to the audience. 

  • Better and Interactive Engagement

Engagement is the key objective of any marketing strategy, especially Content marketing. Businesses are always seeking opportunities to enhance and expand engagement with the audience. 

Having harnessed the quality content from diverse digital platforms will make the content more note-worthy, engaging and interactive to the audience. 

Therefore, enhanced engagement levels would allow the business to target this audience and generate better leads, which most apparently will result in increased conversions. 

  • User-Generated Content with Real-Time Display

User-generated content (UGC) is known to be the most effective and influential form of content to the audience over the digital platforms. 

The audience is more likely to engage with content shared by peers, family, friends or consumers as it is more trustworthy and authentic, providing valuable information.

Content aggregators will display this relevant user-generated content in real-time making it easier for the audience to see what existing customers are saying about the business, its existing brand image and the user’s experience with the brand.

To Conclude

Content aggregation is a crucial asset for the marketing strategy of any business, especially in this digital age, where millions of terabytes of data produced daily. 

It is a responsibility of the business to provide quality and valuable content to the audience to stay ahead of the competition, and content aggregators are the way to do it as you can leverage the influence of the content over the audience in a more resourceful manner with minimal human effort.
You should definitely try content aggregation tools for your business, and the wonderful part is that these tools have free trial options as well.


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