Tuesday 31 March 2020

Why VPS hosting is the Optimal Solution for your Website?

Selecting web hosting service for any business first requires a close study of all the hosting services along with the present and future requirements. Selecting a web hosting service is similar to selecting a home for you for approximately 2-3 years. Hence, you would want the home for your website to be the ideal place. A website is originally a collection of documents or pages that are downloaded every time you open a URL for any website. You can compare them with your mobile applications like Facebook or Skype, web applications reside over the server. In the times of impatient website visitors, no one would like to go through slower website loading pages or any other kind of attrition.

The systems we use at home or in our offices are designed in such a way so that they can deal with one user at a time. But the servers are designed in such a way to deal with multiple users like these. Hosting service providers nowadays make use of world-class servers to meet the needs of the current user base. In the midst of this, hosting services like VPS hosting are gaining popularity. There are staunch reasons behind it. Your website deserves the best hosting service and VPS hosting is the one you are looking out for. Want to know why? Then let’s dig deeper to know why-

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is based on the concept of virtualization. As we all know that the world is becoming more and more virtual and so are our services. Then how hosting services could have been left behind?

Think VPS hosting service as a dedicated hosting service using a single server with multiple users on it. Each server compartment within a VPS server holds the characteristics of the entire server. The virtualization technology helps in creating virtual divisions between real compartments. Each compartment has its own set of Operating System (OS), application, resources, and configurations. All the compartments concealed within a consolidated server with multiple VPS accounts on it.

Although each user is using the same server but does not share a single bit when it comes to benefits. Thus VPS web hosting is said to be one of the most flexible hosting services at the cost at which it comes. The best part about VPS hosting is that it can be declared as “best of both the worlds”. It provides advantages of a dedicated server hosting but comes at a lower price, which is a little more than shared hosting.

So if you are thinking of upgrading your hosting service from shared, then VPS would be the best choice for your small or medium scale business. It would not be an exaggerated statement if it would be said that VPS hosting is the optimal solution for your website. Here are the reasons for the same-

Dedicated services at not so dedicated prices

There is no harm in being cost-effective when it comes to selecting your web hosting service. Once your website starts outgrowing, it is not preferred to keep it within the boundaries of a shared hosting service. And when you can get better services without any overspending. VPS hosting plans mostly dangle between somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting plans generally start at like somewhere around 700-800 per month which is more than shared but way lesser than any dedicated hosting service. The money you are saving here can be put into some better use like in developing your website or its better design.

Complete control while sharing

Due to the virtual compartments, the user gets full control over their compartment that acts as a separate server in itself. Complete access to files and all the resources makes VPS hosting as the best platform to explore the advantages of hosting services. This gives the developer’s full authority to freely perform their experiments, the only restriction is the configuration set by the hosting provider.

Negligible instance of going down

As the components within a VPS host are virtual it’s very easy to restore the backup of any server image and can be pulled whenever required. So if one server goes down, very soon the image can be recovered from the other physical server. This makes sure that all your essential operations carry on with full swing.

No sharing of resources

The applications or website hosted over a shared hosting service very often face this problem of going short of the resources. Hence, when one of the websites that share the server in a shared hosting starts to overgrow. Then the problem arises with other applications and websites start going through a lack of resources. But all thanks to VPS hosting services that websites don’t have to go through a situation like this. Therefore, it is recommended for websites who are expecting higher traffic to migrate to VPS hosting from shared hosting service.

Security comes as part and parcel with VPS hosting

Websites or applications dealing with crucial details like medical information based websites or e-commerce websites that are dealing with millions of businesses on a daily basis have security as the priority factor. Any threat that falls upon the very next account, its effect will never reflect on any other account that is been subscribed to the same server. Hence, VPS servers are a kind of a blessing for all those website owners who are looking out for flexible hosting services. Also shifting services from any shared hosting account to a VPS one is not at all a hefty task. Most of the web hosting providers has this provision of easy migration within a matter of minutes.

All these reasons are staunch enough to avoid any confusion while selecting a VPS hosting service for your website. Also, not much of technical knowledge is required for managing PS hosting. Thus, VPS hosting should be chosen to support tons of users, server up a resource-heavy website and maximizing RAM for high-resolution results. For bloggers who are falling out of resources from a shared hosting service are recommended to upgrade to VPS hosting service provider.


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