Friday, 26 August 2016

How to Choose an Ideal White Label PPC Agency?

Paid search advertisement has been popularized due to its immense benefits to innumerable online businesses. This is, perhaps, the most effective tool to promote your business and make sales in today’s extremely competitive internet marketplace. When pay per click is that important for your business, it is better to hire a white label PPC agency and outsource your work. This is because pay per click is a fast moving field, and even you have no burden of other responsibilities, it is very difficult to keep your campaigns up to the mark on a daily basis. The market environment is very demanding that increases the competition and leads to ever changing technology as well internet marketing guidelines. When your time is already at a premium, hiring an agency is the best option, as per the experts.

Choosing an Ideal White Label PPC Agency

Before you approach a few agencies, analyze what you need by asking yourself following questions:

Where is your business going? Is this the right way to get there?
The foremost reason for getting PPC is, obviously, getting some business results. However, it is important to check if you really need pay per click and is this the right time to approach paid advertising. Step back and make sure you are not trying to buy a horse to win an air race. You don’t need PPC when:
·         Your target search area is very small, or so new that no one’s searching for your product.
·         You haven’t any idea of the competitive landscape.
·         Your website isn’t prepared to take the traffic you’ll be sending.

If you think you need white label pay per click services, be honest with the agency you hire.

Kind of Relationship you want
A right cultural fit for both parties is important. Cheap pricing and attractive credential lists soon lose its shine if both parties are not excited to work or fit together. A good relationship demands efforts from both sides of the table.

How do you actually plan to work?
It is better to be realistic. Different industries ask for different work plans and skills from their PPC agencies. And, if the expectations are unrealistic in the beginning, someone will wind up unhappy.

What do they need to be ready for?
Seek the right answer to this question before signing up with an agency. Ask the agency about their teammates, interact with teammates essentially, ask for examples of their success with previous clients, and ask for their response time, what they need to start work, how and when they communicate and ask everything you have in your mind.

Look for the full scope of success
A successful PPC campaigns required some serious work on landing pages, ads, conversions, graphics, data analysis, etc. Before starting a new project, ask these questions from your PPC agency:
·         What kind of feedback on newly designed landing pages do you get from the agency?
·         What is required for a new ad copy?
·         What type of relationship should be set between in-house team and external PPC partners?

Last, but not certainly least, don’t forget to ask about the duration of result visibility. Also, Make sure that both, SEO and PPC for your business, are going hand in hand.

Hiring a white label PPC agency is a thoughtful decision. There are a few important questions that you must ask yourself and your agency before signing up the agreement with them. Hire an agency only after being satisfied with answers to all your questions. 


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