Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How to do Facebook Marketing Profitably (Infographic)

Why even bother spending a lot of time, effort, and money doing Facebook marketing?

Here’s a great figure to convince you: 1.9 billion.

According to CNN Tech, as of right now, Facebook has 1.9 billion monthly users. And just think about this: not everyone in that 1.9 billion users is going to be your target market, right? And if your target market is only 1% of that 1.9 billion users, you’ll have the figure 19,000,000. Not a bad number right.

And if you want to be more realistic and most of that 19,000,000 people will only see and know your product but won’t really buy it, and only 1% of that 1% will purchase your product, you will get 190,000. That would be 190,000 paying customers. Still a good figure.

Point is: you can’t go wrong in thinking of using Facebook to market your product and raise brand awareness. It’s where everyone is. However, you can go wrong doing your Facebook marketing.

To save you a lot of migraine and time researching on how to do it successfully, here’s a great and helpful set of rules social media marketing expert Mike Gingerich wrote in this infographic made with Visme. He provided here all the 10 rules you need to know – and follow – to do Facebook marketing effectively.

10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing Infographic

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