Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Solid Evidences Learning PHP IDE Is Good For Your Career Advancement with Codelobster

IDE’s have been quite famous from past, it’s no longer coding and then running via CMD and such case, but now we have all in one software, which is known as IDE. We get IDE for every different language and it happens to be quite good, as we do not have to jump between the notepad, command prompt or any other compiler and other different things. With IDE, we even get accessibility to store the files where we actually want. This enables software developers to keep on developing different types of IDE’s for different languages, as these will be famous quite soon with the new learners if they are providing some good tools and quirks and features inside the application.

Integrated Development Environment is something, which needs to be accurate and must work without any other thing to be installed, i.e. straight after installation. PHP is the most basic language for the online environment, most of the websites are based on PHP and there is even different software, which works on PHP. Development on PHP is growing at quite a good pace and hence there is requirement for a number of different plugins to be added. Which takes time in other IDE’s but the IDE which today, we are going to review the CodeLobster PHP edition is having quite great integration for the plugins and can do a good job in working with different plugins? 

CodeLobster PHP Edition supports a number of CMS Environments, which happens to be Wordpress, Joomla, Magento; these are some of the environments, which are the most famous among users. These are one of the most widely used platforms which makes the IDE good when it comes to giving support for the users in terms of real-world usage. Let us now talk about some of the features, which the PHP editor in the CodeLobster PHP Edition offers us, then we will also talk about the features offered by the PHP debugger also bundled in the PHP Edition.

Talking about the features, which are bundled in the PHP Editor found in the CodeLobster PHP edition, let us first enlist all the features then we will have a brief look at them:

  • Code highlighting
  • Pair highlighting
  • Intelligent Auto-complete
  • Context and Dynamic help
  • Organizing files into a project
  • HP debugger
  • Code collapsing
  • Commenting code
These features make the IDE one of the best environment while we are typing in the code, as it helps in highlighting the currently worked code, the block we are working in. The program highlights the syntax if it is correct which makes it quite easy to make out if we are working in the right direction or not. Sometimes due to some hurry people might leave one or two bracket which can result in error in the final finished program. Hence the features in the editor help the programmer to do make out the maximum from their time.

Now let us talk about the PHP Debugger, which is also a part of the CodeLobster PHP edition bundle. The Debugger is the compiler and helps us to run the code before uploading it to the server. Let us enlist the features, which are offered by the Debugger:
  •  Breakpoints
  • Tooltips
  • Locals Control
  • Watch Control
  • Call Stack Control
  • URL Debugging
  • Debugger Handling

These all features of the debugger help us to debug the code, which is causing the error and indeed solve it. These tools in the debugger help to make it easy for the programmer and coder to solve any of the problems with the final code. Even you can test fragment of the code with the debugger, which is another great feature of the CodeLobster PHP Edition. 

The CodeLobster PHP Edition helps the system to have an overall better environment to code in PHP, as the programmer or coder does not have to memorize all the codes, as the IDE has all of it integrated into there.

There are many different types of IDE available in the market but most of them with the right feature turns out to be paid, and paying for a software when you are just learning is not a wise decision. The CodeLobster PHP Edition has a paid as well a free edition, while most of the features are available in the free version which indeed helps us to have a free platform where there is going to be a 24 x 7 support available in case the software is giving any sort of problem. 

The IDE also supports all the latest frameworks, which again makes it the best software to be used, when you are coding in a freelance style, which means you cannot invest a lot in an IDE. Along with frameworks, there are javascript frameworks, which are also supported herein.

If you want to use plug-ins you will surely have to upgrade to the pro version which although makes it costly but the features you are going to get after upgrading to pro will be much better. As you will be using the free version from quite a long in your learning phase hence it will make it quite easy for you to adapt for the pro version of the CodeLobster PHP Edition.

If, you are looking forward for some of the assignments. where you are surely going to require the plug-in, which are used by the CodeLobster PHP Edition Pro version then you can start using the free version to become familiar with the app and try if it is doing the job in a nice and productive way or not, and if it is doing the job according to your requirement then you can easily order the pro version of the CodeLobster PHP Edition. The Pro Version costs to 99$ for the life which is a nice deal considering the support offered by CodeLobster and the features which are offered with the pro version and even with the lite and free version.


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