Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Best Drape and Blind Software for Retailer and Manufactures

Businessmen dealing with drape and blinds for home furnishing will be beneficial to the software. Even the individuals with drape and blind software can get the proper estimate of the cost. The manufacturers are too much fed-up with the manual system of calculation. The paper-driven system such as spreadsheets has certain limitations. But, we have now introduced the software which will create an ease in getting an appropriate variety of drape. This software is beneficial for both retailers as well as manufacturer.

Drape and blind software for retailer

The customer will require quotation about their window drape and blind to be placed at home. They will definitely approach the retailer for this. The drape and blind software will help the retailer to get them on the spot quote. You can now get the solution of your full range of windows. With retailer point of view, there is variety of benefits which the software can provide you. Some of them are below:

  • The software helps in creating the worksheet and orders
  • Retailer can track job with software
  • This will help in boosting your profitability
  • The retailers can provide management report with drape and blind software
Drape and blind software for manufacturer
If you are the manufacturer of drape and blind products, our software will help you out in a wonderful way. Following are its benefit:

  • The software will help you enter your order in a systematic way
  • Manufacturer can keep the track of inventory
  • Scheduling production is another benefit
  • The drape and blind software helps in raising the purchase order
  • The software allows you to raise the purchase order for the suppliers
  • The strong user interfaces help to navigate well
You can use our Drape and blind software to calculate the cost of installing the drapes and blinds in the windows of different sizes.

About Author
AJ Jacobs is a professional software programmer, lecturer & a digital marketing expert, now working in multinational company well-known with the name Windowware PRO, specialized in providing Curtain and blind software program which allow to manage all your job costing, schedule appointments, manage contacts, the workflow of jobs in progress.


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