Sunday, 25 March 2018

How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing

If you are a seller who wants to expand their marketing sphere to social media then you must explore the opportunities on Instagram. Instagram is no longer a social media platform for virtual socializing but a lucrative yet unexploited digital marketing platform. Approximately 80% users follow at least one brand on Instagram. So what are you doing to take advantage of that? Read further to know what’s in store for marketers in 2018 by Instagram.

Social media platforms are like fad, when another arrives on the online marketing scene, the other slowly fades away. The same has happened to Facebook marketing which has now made way for Instagram like a loving grandfather who is now slowly retiring and handing over the duties to Instagram to carry forward its legacy in the digital world. 

The digital marketing agencies and others across various cities are working towards creating a niche in the Instagram marketing world. They are exploiting the features like Instagram Shopping wherein a marketer can attach their e-commerce link in their Instagram bio itself. A prospective consumer when goes through various products on Insta stories can easily place their orders following the link mentioned in the bio. The feature alone has more than 300 million users–far surpassing Snapchat’s total users. The rise in engagement means brands have gotten more agile on selling through Instagram Stories. With the recent update to the Facebook algorithm, updates are taking place for Instagram algorithm too which will make digital marketing more consumer friendly. There are approximately 2 million advertisers who are relying on Instagram for their strategies. 

The user engagement is the key feature in the digital marketing process. Instagram has a plethora of face filters which makes them a fun addition to their selfies. 

Marketers need to stay ahead of their game and especially in the day and age of digital marketing which is fluid, transient and dynamic. Marketers should exploit the above-mentioned features of Instagram to their cause and engage as much targeted audience as possible.

Whats’s your addition to the features mentioned above? How do you think, Instagram can be better used for digital marketing?

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